Susan the Champagne Goddess smiling and standing on the limestone cliffs near Port Noarlunga South Australia holding a bottle of champagne about to saber it open.

Have you always wanted to learn to ”saber “ the top of a bottle of champagne, so that the cork flies right off ?

What is Sabrage?

Sabrage is performed using a blunt-edge sword (which in the olden days was called a Saber) to slice open a Champagne (or Sparkling wine) bottle…. with the right training and the correct technique, you can learn this magic art, too.

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Learn how this historical champagne sabrage goes all the way back to the Napoleonic Era; when the Officers of Napoleon’s Empire marched triumphantly through France after defeating Prussia and expertly caught the bottles of champagne being tossed up to them, as they marched through the cities of Reims and Epernay.
They took their military swords (sabers) from their hilts and ran the sword up the length of the bottle – slicing the top right off !

Create a private Sabrage event for yourself or a group of friends!
Surround yourself with your favourite friends as you learn all about champagne, the region and what makes it the world’s most alluring wine…
Susan will walk you through the history of the region, including when Napoleon met Jean Moët in 1807  and on his return journey in 1812 bestowed Jean Moët with the highest military honour, naming him first Mayor of the town of Epernay.
Next will be to learn the science and particular safe technique to successfully roll-out the Art of Sabrage. You’ll be personally guided and instructed to master this technique.

Sabering champagne- You and your friends can earn your very own ‘Licence to Saber’ to fit into your wallet; as well as a personalised certificate to prove your new skill.

Is a friend getting married or engaged? Or celebrating a special birthday? a 21st? Graduation? Are you celebrating a wedding Anniversary?
No matter the “Milestone” The Art of Sabrage is guaranteed to delight all involved.
A Sabrage Experience is also a perfect Bridal Shower or Corporate team-building activity.
Or.. it can just be a private show for you alone.
No matter the number of people, we can accommodate you!

Not everyone needs to participate, however the experience is very empowering! Even better than ‘karate-chopping through wood’.


  • Champagne Goddess presentation on the history of champagne
    [I specifically discuss some of the famous Houses and Producers in the region; Moet, Pommery, Louis Roederer, Bollinger]
    (This event can be a short informational talk or a longer version, depending on you & your guests interest (and time constraints) but as a general guide from 15 – 30 mins)
  • Individual personalised instruction on the science and technique for each guest wishing to experience the ‘Art of Sabrage’
  • One bottle of champagne or sparkling wine per participant; 
  • Use of the Champagne Goddess’ Saber, Safety Glasses, Ribbon Tether.
  • NOTE: The Guest of Honour gets a Free Certificate and Licence 

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Opportunity to add these Extras:Champagne Goddess Certificate of Completion and Congratulations for customers of the Art of Sabrage events

  • Individual Certificates and ‘Licences to Saber’ for your wallet @$25 per person
    (The Guest of Honour gets a Free Certificate and Licence)
  • Additional champagne/sparkling wine on arrival
  • If you need help with recommendations for a suitable venue, I can assist.
    Ask me for a quote on this service

**Terms + Conditions apply.

  • Presentation fee includes set-up, safe instruction and removal of debris.
  • Susan reserves the right to stop the demonstration if safety is compromised. 
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol will apply.
  • Travel time /costs are a separate fee and will depend upon your location.
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