The Champagne Goddess knows we all need the right sort of stopper to conserve our precious, expensive Champagne!
We have sourced the fabulous Brevetti stoppers made in Italy, that features the patented Block WAF System to seal and preserve!

What are the features of the Brevetti Champagne Stopper?

Champagne Goddess Branded WAF Brevetti Patented Champagne and Sparkling Wine Stoppers in the box

  • The WAF patented stopper seals your champagne perfectly, using its CO² to expand the internal patented valve, which ingeniously uses the pressure in the bottle to self-tighten the seal. (it holds pressure with remarkable reliability)
  • It is guaranteed to seal up to 6 atmospheric pressures (PA), which is what the average bottle of champagne contains.
    However, it has been tested to resist 12 PAs.
  • It’s held in place by a chrome-plated, high carbon steel fixing clip.
  • All materials are certified for food contact and are BPA and Phthalate free.
  • As it was designed for professional use, this stopper  can preserve your champers for up to two weeks
    (We note that Champagne has never lasted 2 weeks in our house- but good to know!!)
  • The stopper also fits every shape of champagne and sparkling bottle, including narrow necks (half, full and magnum formats), sits no higher than the original cork (so it fits in the fridge- Hooray!) and is durable and easy to use.
  • Pricing $29.90 each 
    plus $9.90 shipping / $12.00 to ship 2 – 4. (Wrapped in bubble-wrap)

Contact Susan or Call 0415 735 587 to order today!