Susan Le Roux the Champagne Goddess speaking into her laptop on a Zoom Call discussing the different styles of glassware and the impact the shape can have on your experience of drinking champagne or sparkling wines

Champagne Zoom Masterclass – Free Event

I will be hosting regular Champagne or Sparkling Wine Masterclasses via Zoom.

Champagne Zoom Masterclasses

 Register here for my next Zoom Masterclass on Friday 8th of December.

Join-in wonderful, light-hearted but informative discussions with like-minded aficionados of champagne and sparkling wine…

  • Contact me to find out which champagne or special sparkling wine I will be tasting – so if you wish, you can buy the same or a similar one. I will provide the Zoom link via email
  • We will discuss the nuances and viniculture of the wine I’m sipping, as well as the ‘Maison’ ( Champagne House) the Vintage and the Terroir which has contributed to its perfection (!)
  • Everyone will have a chance to take their own Tasting Notes, for ways to observe and taste their Champagne, to really be “in the moment” and pay attention, as well as have fun

In the images below (during the last Zoom Call (on International Champagne Day Oct 27th ) we investigated the impact that Glassware can have on your Champagne Experience!
More wonderful Notes on that Masterclass and the Step by Step process we undertook here

In order to discover whether your champagne will taste different, according to the style of glassware: bring your own varied size and shape glasses to the Zoom Masterclass on Friday Nov 17th…. and experience the difference for yourself!

Images of Susan Le Roux, the Champagne Goddess, teaching a Zoom Champagne Tasting Masterclass

Contact me and I will provide all the Masterclass details to you via email. Make sure you download your Tasting Notes PDF for the Event!



Your laptop, computer or tablet

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