The Champagne Goddess demonstrating the art of Sabrage

Learn the ‘Art of Sabrage’ whilst playing twilight Croquet

Have you ever wanted to learn to saber a bottle of champagne?

Join fellow Champagne Goddesses and master the ‘Art of Sabrage’: the swashbuckling technique which slices the top off a bottle, leaving you feeling empowered, inspired and on top of the world!

Saber your way into the exclusive ‘Club de Sabrage des Champagne Goddesses’ which will embolden you to teach your girlfriends the skill.     Better yet: invite them along!

You’ll be rewarded with your own membership card, Champagne Goddess ‘merch’ and exclusive invitations to future events, #CGtours and special offers on champagne, elegant sabering-swords and other special offers.

Bring your (girl + boy) friends, sip your sabered bottle of bubbles, and nibble on delicious canapés, as volunteers from Coogee Croquet Club teach us the game of Croquet.

As an up-and-coming ‘emboldened‘ Club de Sabrage Member you’re our most important guest on the day. You will receive detailed instruction and encouragement in how to confidently saber the top off a bottle of bubbles – giving you a better natural high than karate-chopping a pile of wood…

The Emboldened Member ticket price includes:
  • precise instruction and coaching until you master the ‘Art of Sabrage’
  • A bottle of sparkling wine to saber
  • Safety equipment and glassware to enjoy your success.
  • Selection of bite-size hot and cold canapés*
  • Instruction in the game of Croquet, including all equipment, lawns and games until the sun sets.
  • Membership card and ongoing-member offers.

Now, if you are one of our VIP Founding Members of the ‘Club de Sabrage des Champagne Goddesses’ you’ve already been instructed in the art, and can successfully – and artfully- demonstrate the brilliant trick of sabering a bottle of bubbles… Come along to claim your Membership Pack; bring your friends and show them your skillz. They will be inspired to reach the lofty heights you’re enjoying!

Your VIP Founding Member ticket price includes:
  • Your ‘Club de Sabrage’ membership card and ongoing-member offers
  • A reminder of your skill-set in the ‘Art of Sabrage’
  • A bottle of sparkling wine and safety equipment to saber in front of friends
  • Glassware to enjoy your success…
  • Selection of bite-size hot and cold canapés**
  • Instruction in the game of Croquet, including all equipment, lawns and games until the sun sets.
You are most welcome to attend and NOT saber anything at all! Please join in, sip, dine and play croquet without sabering – See ‘Sans Sabrage’ ticket option, below.

And it wouldn’t really be an event without CHAMPAGNE, now would it?

Join in the festivities sipping a boutique Grower Champagne from Premier Cru vines in Cumieres in the Montagne des Reims region of Champagne. A wonderfully biodynamic family-owned boutique maison, which we will be visiting again, during my bespoke #CGtour of Champagne, June 2022… Champagne Vadin Plateau’s Premier Cru Rosé and Origine Premier Cru Brut will be available on the day, showcased by their passionate Australian Distributor: Leigh W Dryden of Decante This. Purchase on the day; or take advantage of a very generous price-point by pre-ordering a bottle when purchasing your ticket.

**(please advise dietary requirements by the 23rd March)


twilight croquet at Coogee Croquet club late afternoon sunshine, friends and champagne

Twilight Croquet at Coogee Croquet Club.


Main event image ? by @OneillPhotographics ?


Coogee Croquet Club


Coogee Croquet Club
Coogee Croquet Club, Bardon Park, Bream Street, Coogee NSW 2034

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