Virtual Bubbles Online Masterclass – all about Vintage Champagne.

Break out that bottle of Vintage Champagne in the back of the cupboard, and join this masterclass to learn what makes Vintage Champagne so special…

We will discuss:

What makes a Vintage Year? – and why is every year not a vintage year?

Which Vintages are particularly noteworthy?

and of course, Which Vintages should we be stockpiling for the future?

Join Susan on Friday 22 May to really delve into the magic of Vintage Champagne so special?

Register your intention to join the Masterclass by clicking the Register button to the right.  24 hours prior to the time, you will receive an email with the Zoom Meeting PASSWORD.

Then on Friday 22 May at 6:30pm AST, log-into the Zoom Meeting with the Meeting ID: 90-1360-3600; and enter the PASSWORD provided.

Bring along your favourite Vintage Champagne, and share the story behind it, what makes it special to you – and how you find it on the night!

See you there!




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