Stunning Vines in Tasmania at Tamar Valley

June 5th ‘Virtual Friday Night Bubbles’ with Natalie Fryar – the Queen of Tasmanian Sparkling Wine

Let me introduce to you Natalie Fryar: the indisputable Queen of Tasmanian Sparkling Wine

Changing the format of our popular Virtual Friday Night Masterclasses, I am delighted to shift the spotlight to Natalie Fryar and her sparkling wine label Bellebonne. Natalie is an eloquent spokesperson, whose passion for Tasmania, its vines, its history and its future… is infectious. You will this Masterclass with Natalie Fryar.

Natalie has spent almost all of her adult life refining her skills as a premium Sparkling Wine maker: There were the fourteen years perfecting the Jansz sparkling wine style, five or more years honing her craft in Henty for the classic Great Western’s Salinger label and more recently two+ years consulting to Pipers Brook Vineyard (including Ninth Island/Kreglinger, firm favourites of mine), before creating her own exquisite Sparkling Wine label Belle et Bonne = Meaning Beautiful and Good – Like Tasmania; is possibly one-of the smallest sparkling wine-productions in Tasmania with approximately 95 dozen bottles being created from two hectares of the finest North Western Tasmanian grapes. Natalie and her partner Hugh McCullogh of ‘Wellington and Wolfe’ Tasmanian Riesling are crafting incredible single-vineyard wines of premium quality which continue to win awards nationally and internationally – not-to-mention: repeatedly sell-out via the website!

A wonderful spokesperson for the entire region of Tasmania, Natalie’s knowledge of the history of Tassie winemaking, the contributions of the key pioneers of Tamar Valley and Coal River regions, and her natural storytelling style will mean this experience make for a wonderful experience

We’ll cover the wisdom of Dr Andrew Pirie, the history of Tasmania’s first winery: Jansz.. and touch on the merit of bio-dynamic strategies in winemaking.

Natalie is a generous and self-deprecating speaker, never one to self-promote or boast; yet clearly has done the hard work to establish her own unique brand, which she credits as being ‘Made by Tasmania’.

To honour Nat’s time with us on this special Tasmania-focused Masterclass, I invite you to take the opportunity to track-down her spectacular wines either via her website (be super quick-and maybe choose the courier option)

  • Bellebonne Vintage Cuvée 2016 (my personal favourite: an exquisite blend of premium 60% Chardonnay and 40% Chardonnay grapes from Tasmania’s North West with four years on lees)
  • Bellebonne Vintage Rosé 2017 (100% Pinot Noir grapes from North-Western Tasmania, giving a pale salmon hue with the most perfect of Rosé notes and flavours. Natalie’s inaugural release (the 2016) was Tyson Stelzer’s ‘Sparkling Rosé of the Year 2018’)

Or find her bubbles at the following vendors:

Alternatively, bring your own Tassie Sparkling!

Leave a note in your registration to Susan regarding what you’ll be sipping and Susan and Nat will discuss your Sparkling Label as part of the Masterclass. Register now, download the free Zoom software, ( You will receive a confirmation email with the ‘password’ to the Zoom meeting.

Then on Friday 5th June 2020 at the NEW time: 7:30pm;

  1. log into the Zoom Meeting,
  2. click ‘Join a Meeting’;
  3. enter the Meeting ID: 901-360-3600 and
  4. enter the password that was sent to you.

An Offer!
Lastly; Natalie + Hugh have created a wonderful ‘Isolation Offer’ with a fantastic discount of 15%: Order six or more bottles of (any number of ) Bellebonne or Wellington + Wolfe Rieslings and receive 15% discount on the entire order.

And don’t forget to mark your diaries with our upcoming #CGTour to Tasmania: 6-9 November 2020 (pending Covid-19 travel is reinstated by then)
See you online!
Yours in bubbles,
Natalie Fryar's Bellebonne Sparkling Wines Vintage Cuvee 2015 and Vintage Rose 2016

Bellebonne Vintage Cuvee 2015 and Vintage Rose 2016

Wellington and Wolfe Riesling

Wellington and Wolfe Riesling Tasmania


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