Book the Champagne Goddess’ latest keynote presentation

‘How War created Champagne as we know it.’

and learn about the impact of WAR through hundreds of years, on the region of Champagne. 

Let Susan bring the early days of Champagne to life, as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette escaped the guillotine of the French Revolution through the streets of Champagne to Varennes… 

And watch with wonder as Susan welcomes a guest from the audience to learn The Art of Sabrage: à la Napoleon, and delves into the era of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte… Sip a glass of Moët et Chandon as we learn about Napoléon’s visits to Epernay where Jean-Rémy Moët hosted Napoleon through his cellars; and later, as the Champenois celebrated his Battalions by tossing bottles of champagne to the officers, as they marched triumphantly through the streets of Épernay after defeating Prussia. The officers took their ceremonial swords and theatrically sliced the tops of the bottles of champagne, creating history as they marched ever onwards.

Lastly, learn about the impact of World Wars I + II on the cities, the people and the Grand Marques of Champagne; including how the brut styles of champagne was born… as well as the impact of World War I, as the Champenois were forced underground, conducting all their schooling; church services; hospitals and government underground as the war raged above them… 

Image of Champagne Pommery’s underground staircase leading up to ground level 1940’s. Photo Credit: Getty Images