Champagne Goddess Susan and her Mother in Paris

Champagne Goddess Susan and her Mother in Paris

Welcome, champagne enthusiasts and travel aficionados, to the enchanting city of Paris!

As the Champagne Goddess, I am here to unveil the best experiences that await you in the City of Love.
From the finest hotels and wine bars, to charming bistros and surprising hidden gems, let’s dive into a two-day Parisian adventure before we sojourn to the Region of Champagne.

Indulge in Luxury: Best Hotels and Wine Bars to Sip Champagne
Paris is synonymous with elegance, and what better way to immerse yourself in luxury than by sipping exquisite champagnes at the city’s finest hotels and intimate bars?


Here are some remarkable options that will leave you feeling like royalty:
The Ritz Paris is nestled in the heart of the city, The Ritz Paris boasts a rich history and opulence..
Unwind in their Hemingway Bar, a haven for champagne lovers and savour the delicate bubbles of your favourite champagne, accompanied by delectable gastronomic delights.

Dilletantes is a special ‘out of the way’ wine bar in the vibrant Saint Germain des Prés neighbourhood.
This intimate space offers an inviting atmosphere where wine enthusiasts can gather and indulge in the pleasure of savouring exceptional champagnes.
It features an extensive and carefully curated wine list that showcases a wide array of champagne varieties from renowned producers.
It is the little-known, yet passionate ‘Recoltant Manipulant’ Growers who are celebrated here…
The knowledgeable and friendly sommeliers are passionate about champagne and are always ready to guide their guests through the tasting experience.
They will provide insights into the characteristics and nuances of the subtleties of the regions of Champagne, helping you discover new favourites, all the while expanding your understanding of this noblest of wines.
As you settle into the ambiance, adorned with wine-related décor and a warm, inviting atmosphere, you can sip on your chosen champagne while also sampling hors d’oeuvres.
Dilletantes offers a selection of tasty small plates and cheese platters that complement the champagne tasting experience.
We can stay as long as you like here…!

Le Dokhans Champagne Bar in Paris France

Le Dokhan’s Champagne Bar in Paris France

Le Doukhan
A boutique hotel (Marriott group) it is home to one of Paris’ best Champagne bars. Choose from 240 different bottles on the list, or by the glass- after you select your preferred glass ( 5 types) or try their weekly featured ‘degustation of 3 champagnes (about 30 Euros) ….Just sit back and enjoy!

Canardet Champagne
A marriage made in heaven, duck & champagne!
Need I say more? The Instagram pics will do it for me.
Off the Boulevarde Montmartre, this delightful bar/ bistro serves up to 60 different mostly grower or smaller houses of Champagne, at reasonable prices with their amazing duck dishes.

FrenchParadox - Carnadet Champagne Wine Bar and Restaurant Paris France

French Paradox Canardet Champagne Wine Bar and Restaurant

No list would be without the Parisian institution Les Caves Legrandes
Since 1880 it has been delighting people with its selection of many ‘délicieux et exquis’ experiences- and wines.
Go to Galerie Vivienne inside, which showcases a champagne list OR select your bottle from the cellar, with a diversity of Maison and smaller producers

Exquisite Dining: Bistros near Saint Germain des Pres
Since we are already in the charming neighbourhood of Saint Germain des Pres , let’s stay put – after all, when it comes to dining, this arrondissement steals the show.
Here there are a plethora of bistros serving up authentic French cuisine with a contemporary twist.
You may have heard of two famous ones- and one newcomer to the notoriety:

Café de Flore: A legendary café that has graced the streets of Saint Germain des Pres since 1887, Café de Flore offers old world charm and a menu brimming with French delights.
From classic escargots to melt-in-your-mouth foie gras, this bistro will delight both your palate and soul.

Les Deux Magots: Another iconic establishment in the neighbourhood, Les Deux Magots exudes a timeless Parisian vibe.
Indulge in their signature dishes, confit de canard and tarte tatin, while immersing yourself in the bohemian atmosphere that has attracted artists and intellectuals for decades.
(You may even recognise the sandstone walls in the background of the photo of my Mum + I in 2017 above!)

Chez L’ Ami Jean:
Tucked away on Rue Malar, Chez L’ Ami Jean is a hidden gem adored by locals.
This cosy bistro serves up hearty, authentic French fare with a Basque twist.
From their famous duck confit to their succulent roasted bone marrow, every dish promises a culinary journey you won’t forget.

Unveiling Hidden Gems: Two Surprising Tourist Attractions

Paris is known for its iconic landmarks, but hidden within it’s streets lie unexpected treasures that most tourists overlook.
Here are two surprising attractions that will add a touch of magic to your Parisian adventure:

Promenade Plantée: Often referred to as the original High Line, this hidden gem is a haven of tranquillity.
Located on an elevated former railway track, Promenade Plantée is a picturesque green oasis that offers stunning views of the cityscape. Take a leisurely stroll or find a quiet spot to enjoy a picnic while escaping the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Why not some Perfume classes ?
The renowned perfume house, Fragonard, offers perfume classes where you can delve into the art of fragrance creation.
Fragonard has multiple boutiques and workshops throughout Paris, but one of their flagship locations is in the heart of the city
During the perfume workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different fragrance notes, learn about the history of perfumery and create your very own signature scent under the guidance of expert perfumers!
It’s an immersive and unforgettable experience for perfume enthusiasts and those who wish to uncover more secrets behind the art of perfumery.

As you join the Champagne Goddess on this 2 day adventure in Paris, you will embrace the spirit of celebration and indulge in the world-class experiences that this city has to offer.
You’ll sip champagne at luxurious hotels and bars, relish authentic French cuisine at charming bistros and explore these (and more) hidden gems.
Paris promises to captivate your senses and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

So, my fellow champagne lovers, raise your glasses and let Paris unveil its magic …. And stay tuned for more on upcoming Tours!