INTRODUCTION (video transcription)
Susan Le Roux (also known as) the ‘Champagne Goddess’ offers several different services for champagne and sparkling wine connoisseurs looking for a wonderful experience with lasting memories.
The Art of SABRAGE

If you’re looking for a unique and exhilarating experience to celebrate your next special occasion whether it be a Birthday, Engagement, Wedding or Anniversary, Sabrage is for you!
The Art of Sabrage uses a blunt edged sword, called a sabre, to slice open a Champagne bottle.
You’ll learn the history and master the technique of this ritual, originating from the era of the French Republic.
For a truly memorable experience, add an “Art of Sabrage Certificate” for you and your friends to commemorate your personal event.
Let’s take a look at some of our new Sabrage masters!


Have you ever wanted to learn about the mystique, the history and multiple challenges the Houses of Champagne have experienced through time?
Or perhaps you’re looking to engage important clients, and you think they’ll enjoy a guided champagne-tasting or Masterclass, where Susan weaves in the rich history of champagne through a formal presentation?
Susan can work with you to create a bespoke speaking engagement for your next group event, no matter what the occasion.
(Note:  Susan has a special keynote Presentation “War and it’s Impact on Champagne”  which several Retirement Villages have found particularly compelling)

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Like a true champagne enthusiast, Susan will go wherever there are quality wines to be enjoyed!
Susan has taken bespoke private tours to Tasmania, the Adelaide Hills, Paris + the Champagne region of France, and New Caledonia for the Festival of French Cheese!
Her intimate knowledge of these regions and their wines make her guided tours a memorable souvenir for your time abroad.
Check out the Champagne Goddess website for her upcoming tour dates to France in September 2023 plus register your interest in upcoming tours [Tasmania in November 2023] or create your very own private tour, by contacting Susan via email:


Like Susan, do you love learning and experiencing the magic of Champagne?
Do you enjoy feeling the passion, the intention and the drive behind the wine you’re drinking?
Join us at some of our upcoming Masterclasses and Events, including the “Art of Sabrage” and let champagne be the little bit of luxury you deserve….Watch this space!

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